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Sun & Soil
From July 8th till 12th - at Auroville, Youth Center.

Delve into the heart of ancient techniques and modern sustainability.

Unravel the intricate tapestry of natural buildings and materials, weaving together the timeless wisdom of cob, wattle, and daub.

Join us for this 5-day full-time workshop 7:30 am-5:00 pm.

Discover the essence of mud through hands-on exploration and theory. Bring structures to life, each whispering stories of generations yet to unfold.


Natural Building


Discover the theoretical aspects of earth architecture and natural building techniques. Explore historical references to building methods like Mud, Cob, Adobe, Wattle and Daub, and Rammed Earth. Gain insights into mud composition, soil types, and the significance of natural materials such as mud, stone, wood, bamboo, and lime.  Plus, get acquainted with the tools used in natural building processes.

Hands-on Explorations

Make a Bench!

Engage in manually mixing sand and soil, creating premixes, and chopping straws. We'll test premixes together before final mixing and craft seating, incorporating fillers like bottles and stones into the bench. Additionally, we'll prepare Wattle And Daub mix for future use, including cow dung.



Japanese Mud Art

Experience the joy of molding humble earth into polished spheres of beauty with your own hands. Learn the delicate art of layering and polishing soil to unveil its hidden luster, creating captivating pieces of natural art.

Soil Walk

Uncover the hidden marvels nestled in plain sight through this captivating soil walk where the earth serves as a canvas for imagination and connection to nature. 

Open House

At the end of the workshop, there will be a movie  screening open for all, followed by an open house where visitors can come and admire our artworks, cocreated and crafted during the event.

Veedushi Malik

Founder of Women Builder Collective

A Designer, natural builder and permaculturist, in love with biomaterials like Earth, Lime, Hemp, Bamboo, stones etc, Can be found playing Matchmaker between Art, culture, sustainability, indigenous Knowledge, Geometry and intersectionality of it all. 

Usually spotted with muddy hands and foot deep in soil,  singin, breathing & Creating


If you are a GUEST

If you are a guest and would like to book accommodations within Auroville for the durations of Sun & Soil, please visit this website to see all available options 💚


Our ethos centers on ecological practices, using natural materials and vernacular knowledge to create balanced solutions for built spaces, people, and the environment, offering services like Bioclimatic Design, Natural Building, Permaculture, and Education. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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