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Safety & Boundary Awareness


My body - My Voice
My body - My Boundaries
My body - My Consent

As a follow up to the awareness campaign on sexual harassment, YouthLink called for a networking event to connect all unit and services working in this field to further implement education and awareness in the community. We have held 3 sessions out of which we created (Safety & Boundaries Awareness) SBA.

SBA is a collective program that links together all the services within Auroville that work toward addressing matters related to sexual harassment to work in collaboration. At this point in time, SBA is composed of YouthLink, Chrysalis, Mattram, CRP3, AVCP, AVSST, Working Committee, Jump Inward- Fakeera, AV Council and ICC.

The intention of SBA is to implement actions to increase awareness, build emotional support, optimise prevention, and education within the community.

The team has been working together to  find efficient ways to be effective with present situations and needs in view to keep Auroville safe.

Please note : Safety and Boundary Awareness is an educational program only. Contact AVSST at (24/7) : 9443090107 for immediate action in case of sexual assault.

Contact ICC at For support in registering a sexual harassment complaint.


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10th April


10th April 12 to 2pm - Solar kitchen

YouthLink & SBA

Sexual harassment is a difficult topic around the world and in Auroville as well. We feel it’s important for us to bring awareness in our community and educate each other to create a safer environment. We welcome you to be informed about Auroville process and statistics on the topic.

Art Day

15th April


15th April 10 to 12 pm -  Dehashakti gym

Facilitated by Malaika & YouthLink

Krav Maga is an Israeli martial art taught by Malaika in a workshop organised by Youthlink. It is an effective, modern, and dynamic self-defence and fighting system which is derived from a combination of techniques used in aikido,  judo, karate, boxing and wrestling. It is designed to be practical and intuitive for people of any age, shape, or size. You will learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones, while gaining increased awareness and instinctive reflexes.

This workshop is open to anyone who is interested, 

we have a limit of 20 people.

Register Here!


15th April 4 to 6pm - Youth Centre

Facilitated by Lavanya & YouthLink

To create and express through art and music, together with a facilitator taking us through the journey of expressing ,transforming the dark into light.

If you would like to play instruments and create a space of harmony through music, everyone is welcome, bring your own instruments.


15th April 8pm - Youth Centre

A classical dance performance by the Yatra Art and Culture Foundation dance team on the braveness of the women against domestic violence. This dance form expresses the patriarchal domination and abuse women still face in today’s ‘modern’ society. 

Short skit on the abuse of women: 

The Theatre Team will strike-through perform a short skit on the abuse of women. This skit incorporates safety measures women can take to protect themselves.


18th April


10am to 12pm -  Dehashakti gym

Facilitated by Giacomo & YouthLink

Self defence is a countermeasure that involves defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm. The purpose of this workshop is to minimise the risk of being a victim of assault or harassment, and how to behave in such cases.

Register Here! 

Self defence

20th April

MY BODY MY HEALTH: the anatomy and physiology of sex and STDs 15+

5pm to 7 pm - Tibetan pavilion

Facilitated by Paola

During this 2 hour session you will be presented with facts about sexual health and how to stay healthy. Through colouring pages to illustrate anatomy, you will learn about the most common sexual infections and how to avoid disease and pregnancy. 

There will be open time for questions or you can submit your questions in advance, anonymously.

Register Here!


21st April

4.30pm to 6.30 pm - Tibetan pavilion

When our physical boundaries are crossed it leaves a strong impact on our mental and emotional health. This workshop will be an experiential, fun-filled and interactive space to develop a healthier relation to the self. It will consist of teaching tools around how to say NO and how to receive a NO, how to make conscious choices about one's and respecting one's and other's body.

The workshop will be consisting of:

  1. How comfortable are you to voice yourself?

  2. How easy/difficult is it for you to give and stand up with your consent?

  3. Are you aware of yours and others boundaries?

Register Here!


MOVIE NIGHT - MOXIE  13+ with parents

21st April 7 to 9 pm Youth center

Chrysalis & YouthLink

Moxie, is a 2021 American comedy-drama film directed by Amy Poehler. Tamara Chestna and Dylan Meyer adapted the screenplay from the 2017 novel of the same name by Jennifer Mathieu. It stars Hadley Robinson, Alycia Pascual-Peña, Lauren Tsai, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Nico Hiraga, and Poehler. The film focuses on 16-year-old Vivian (played by Hadley Robinson), who starts a feminist zine to empower the young women in her high school, as they contend with bullying, sexual harassment, and rape.


Please note: Moxie is rated PG 13 and recommended only for those age 13 plus with parental consent.


22nd April

TOUCH  18+

22nd April 10am to 12pm pm - Creativity hall (creativity community)

Disha from Delhi, Luc from YouthLink

Connection and intimacy are a human need, is what drives us the most.

Pleasure can be experienced in a multitude of forms. Human concept of pleasure evolves every time and between cultures. No matter what we’ve been told, there is nothing wrong with the desire to feel pleasure.

Touch is an app game developed in Australia. It wants to offer a platform for anyone to freely and safely explore their intimacy with a partner or a friend, hoping to contribute in creating a new culture free from the stigma of exploring yourself. 

We help build skills by actively and respectfully asking for what we like. And the attitude to joyfully respect when our request receives a no!

In doing so we hope to untangle ourselves from some of the oppression that arbitrates human interactions.

Through games You will learn advanced consent education in an attractive and fun way:

  • Ask for what you want, yes or no 

  • Be playful around intimacy 

  • Practical consent skills, not just a theory 

  • A language for consent

  •  Learning to accept no

Please note: this workshop is for 18+  

During the workshop we will pair in couples, we will choose our partner to play with, if you are not comfortable playing with a stranger, please register with your partner or friend.

During the workshop there will be physical touch (like holding hands, giving a massage, hugs), please reconsider signing up if you are uncomfortable with said level of physical touch.

Register Here!


 5.30 pm to 6.30pm 

Chrysalis is an educational project focusing on health and well-being, puberty, self esteem, menstrual care, consent and sexual education for youth and adults.

The Chrysalis Game Show is an exciting and fun team trivia game to test your knowledge of safety, dating, sexual health and more with prizes to be won.


Please note: It is recommended for participants and audience members to be age 13 plus with parental consent.


Theatre performance- ‘BRAVELY SPEAK OUT’.

All three performances start at  7pm:

17th April - Udhayam, Kottakarai village

18th April - Near village square, Periyamudaliyar chavady

20th April - Beside Thamarai learning center, Annai nagar


‘Bravely speak out’ is a street theatre performance on the topic of child protection, created by Yatra Arts Media in collaboration with Auroville Child Protection Awareness and supported by AVI Germany. The performance aims to bring awareness on topics that we often don’t talk about but are nevertheless familiar with: alcoholism, domestic violence and child sexual abuse. The play highlights the importance of raising our children with love, care and protection and the fact that children can also play a role in staying alert and keeping safe in their community.

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