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About Us

To shape them into the future leaders and thinkers of the world who are able to take initiative and challenges with a smile on their faces.

To highlight the works going on in Auroville to the Indian & international community, and to spread love and the power of 'doing' to the world around us

For Auroville

For International

For Visiting

To showcase the beauty of Auroville and integrate them into its social fabric, for them to find their true calling and their meaning of life.



To be the link that enables continuous flow of wisdom and knowledge throughout generations.

To initiate and support potential leaders and thinkers to be the driving force of intentional change

To help the integration of youth into the Auroville community and to be a bridge between Auroville and the world.

To explore and experiment various ways to enable free progress and higher consciousness.

Our Team

Meet the YouthLink Team! Through some way or the other, we have all found our way to YouthLink and have decided to contribute towards empowering the youth, ourselves included.

Though the team is new and will one day be replaced by a new generation, YouthLink's goals & dreams will still and always stand at the forefront of youth & community activities and education programs and we are super excited to see what we are able to achieve!

We want You!

To join our team today :)

YouthLink is constantly looking for young and sparkling minds to join our team to bring new ideas, offer different perspectives and have fun all together!

Auroville is an intentional community located in Tamil Nadu, south India. It intends to be a model city that tackles both the physical and spiritual needs of today's society, creating a township that is both sustainable and conscious. 

YouthLink's role in this community is to create a strong youth presence, providing tools and connections necessary for individuals to become proactive, joyful, and kind members of our society and the world as a whole! 

By joining YouthLink, you will have the opportunity to connect to Auroville, explore your own potentials, and to take part in shaping the world of tomorrow!

Work Culture


: Empowering each other to take ownership of our actions


: Exploring oneself & being conscious of collective responsibilities

: Harnessing the power of collective knowledge and efforts



: Respecting and inviting everyone from different walks of life


: Challenging the "status quo", with open minds, focus, and efficiency


Our Programs


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