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We have held in 2022:

and have directly impacted 1500+ individuals! 


Salsa Workshop

Sunday 28th May 2023

10am to 11:30pm

@ New Creation - Dance Studio, Auroville

We are happy to inform you that YouthLink is offering a Salsa workshop for beginners.

This fun and energetic dance is the most popular of all the Latin dances because it is easy to learn and fantastic for all ages and dancing abilities. Salsa dancing has many fast turns, exciting footwork, rhythmic hip movements, and lively music.


YouthLink is dedicated to making a conscious change in our community, working towards a better future by proactively creating awareness campaigns, initiated by youth, every two months. These campaigns are based on topics important to the community that are chosen by the team, and is followed by action phases to address the issue. Read more about our past campaigns below!


YouthLink is dedicated to creating social events that bring the community together to celebrate diversity and human unity. Through joy and fun, we help people make meaningful connections and get to know each other. Learn more about our recent social events below!

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We at YouthLink celebrate youth-related events by bringing the community together with fun games, food, and beverages. We celebrate Youth Day and Children's Day, along others, embracing the joy of being young. Come join us and read more about our recent celebrations!


YouthLink has been working hard to create workshops and skill trainings tailored to the needs of the community. We experiment with different approaches to education and skill trainings, with the intention to provide the most useful and accessible trainings. Sign up to learn more and we invite external facilitators to teach. Read more to learn more about our workshops and trainings!

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