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Eco-village Design Education
Host by YouthLink service, Auroville

Course Spirit

A transformational experience of exploring oneself in the collective context of Auroville, to inspire life projects based on the principles of Ecovillage Design Education (EDE). 

Through the programme of Gaïa Education EDE curriculum and its four dimensions, Comm4Unity is a four-weeks course that provides an overview of existing solutions and tools within Auroville to seek a sustainable and regenerative way of living.

Course Languages: English, French, Tamil

Social dimension

Culture dimension

Ecological dimension

It invites us to design for Sustainability using integral answers such as the development of Regenerative Systems. It addresses vital aspect to human existence in the following modules:

- Green building and retrofitting

- Local food and Nutrient Cycle

- Water, energy and infrastructure

- Nature and Urban Regeneration & Disaster


- Whole-systems approach to design

Since Auroville is situated in South India, a part of its inspiration comes from ancestral Indian Knowledge and Philosophy. For this course, we are organising our four weeks based on the Ayurvedic Elements.

It helps us develop our consciousness toward the world and nature around us. It addresses vital aspect to human existence in the following modules:

- Holistic Worldview

- Reconnecting with Nature

- Transformation of Consciousness

- Personal and Planetary health

- Socially engaged Spirituality

Economic dimension

It provides the knowledge towards issues of the current Global Economic System, and tools to settle alternative economies that build unity and empower community. It addresses vital aspects of human existence in the following modules:

- Shifting the Global Economy to Sustainability

- Right Livelihood

- Local Economies

- Community Banks & Currencies

- Legal and Financial issues

The Comm4Unity will use the Auroville campus for its many-site visits and hands-on activities to cover and illustrate the four dimensions of the course. 

Visits include Regenerative Forests, Alternative Agricultural Farms, Cultural Pavilions, Governance Centers such as the Town Hall, Community Kitchen, Social Enterprises and the Spiritual Center.

It aims to bring Community Empowerment through the learning of tools for Participative Leadership and Decision-making. It addresses vital aspect of human existence in the following modules:

- Building Community & embracing Diversity
- Communication skills & Decision-making
- Leadership and Empowerment
- Art, Ritual & Social Transformation
- Education, Personal Networks and Activism

Host site

Auroville is an international township and is one of the world’s largest and oldest intentional communities. It was founded in 1968 by ‘the Mother’, Mirra Alfassa, who was inspired by Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy on an Integral Yoga – the idea that “all life is yoga”.

Known as a laboratory city or an experimental city, Auroville is hosting  a multitude of projects focused on alternative development and awareness of consciousness in every dimension of life such as Agriculture, Education, Economy, Governance, Scientific Research, Waste & Water Management, etc.

Host Organisation

YouthLink is a Service and Educational Platform managed by young adults in Auroville.

YouthLink has hosted a handful of Ecovillage Design Education programs in Auroville since 2016. Therefore this course has been designed by young adults who have been participants in EDE and later empowered themselves towards facilitating specific sessions.

All along the course, Aurovillian expert and project holders are invited to share their knowledge and expertise on different subjects of the four Dimensions.

Previous participant testimonies

For the aspiring true Aurovillians, Comm4unity is just a beautifully designed course curated with unconditioning experiences. It will help one understand oneself and one’s role in a community and then on broader scale of eco-village. A ‘must do’ for the ones who are in transition from consumerist lifestyle to alternative community lifestyle."            Lavanya

I joined the course seeking to understand the deeper levels of community and human interactions as well as the general aspects of community creation. And the overall experience was mind-blowing. I came out with much more than I had expected! It was beautiful and filled with growth on various levels."                                           Mitia

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