YouthLink organizes & co-hosts various types of training and educational workshops. These workshops provide individuals a platform to figure out their own interests and passion within the collective. One such example is our 'Comm4unity' workshop. Click here to know more about Comm4unity.

Collective living, service, and fostering an environment of family is at the heart of what we are.

Following are the educational workshops & programs:

  1. Comm4unity (C4U)

An experimental course that encapsulates the idea of community as a way of living and a way to realise human unity. The youth have designed it using dimensions of Social, Ecology, Economy and Worldview in Auroville context.


C4U helps an individual to explore themselves & their interest/passions keeping in mind the collective living. We conducted our first Comm4unity in April 2018 with 16 members and have conducted one yearly C4U to understand what it means to be part of a community. This course has been designed in varied formats and time frames, for example: one day, one week, four week.


  1. APET

Auroville Peer Education Trainings (APET) are part of a global network initiated by the UNFPA, using the ‘YPEER’ training methodology which we have adapted to the Auroville context. Through one week Auroville Peer Education Trainings (APET) we create an Auroville Peer Education Network (APEN) for peer-peer awareness and support on difficult topics such as drugs, gender, depression, taboo topics, etc. with the support of a larger network of professional experts in Auroville.


  1. Short Courses 

While degrees and diplomas take a longer period of time to complete our short courses aims to help you upgrade skills to ensure success in a chosen field of learning. Short courses may answer the need for someone who is looking for practical training in a shorter time. Our aim is to organise courses that give you specific skills training in a limited period of time, combined with a more hands-on experience within your field of interest.


  1. Weekend Workshops

In the last years we have conducted many thematic workshops that have emerged from spontaneous requests. To name a few we have had an Introduction to Auroville’s Economy, an Introduction to the Town Hall, an Eat Local Week, a Project Writing workshop, and a couple of Leadership Workshops. We have also coordinated workshops on Kitchen Gardening, Human Permaculture, a

couple of Massage workshops, and a couple of Introduction to First Aid.

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