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YouthLink creates templates and co-hosts various types of educational programs and workshops designed to enable the youth to learn about their interests and passions in a safe environment. It is crucial to us that education is a call from within, with a desire to learn that is then supported. In the last years we have conducted many workshops that emerged from spontaneous requests.

Bring Your Idea to Life


Thooya Tamil Course

Thooya Tamil is the Proper form of Tamil, the base of all the other colloquial Tamil which is used across Tamil Nadu today.

@Youth Center, Auroville


YouthLink organises, hosts, and facilitates community gatherings of all kinds, from youth meetings to potlucks. We aim to bring people together in joy and harmony, sharing experiences and exchanging information.

Vegan potluck Recipe Sharing

A vegan potluck and recipe sharing for the creation of an Auroville vegan cookbook! 

Everyone is encouraged to bring a written copy of their recipe along with their food, which will then be documented via scan and photo

@Le Morgan, Auroville


Apprenticeship program will be a long term program with a set commitment duration where an apprentice will work under a veteran of a craft where they are expected to carry out simple duties while learning the craft in a working environment.

Image by Nikola Jovanovic
Image by Simon Wilkes


Auroville Youth Mentor Program by YouthLink is an opportunity for adults to connect with youth in any capacity. We invite all Auroville residents and Auroville units/services/projects to offer mentorship to youth and integrate them into our community. 


Senior citizens have the experience and wisdom that the younger generation could benefit from. This, combined with personal guidance and professional mentorship could be valuable to the Youth and their involvement and participation in the community. This program is a great opportunity to connect with our youth and pass down your knowledge and expertise. 


Working with youth can demand patience, it is a significant responsibility. YouthLink is here to offer support for the linking of the right youth to a relevant mentor, as well as facilitate introduction and define a clear agreement (with parents if the youth is a minor) and to receive feedback that ensures the mentoring process continues to improve for the youth in Auroville.

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