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By the youth for the youth, YouthLink is a service unit of Auroville that works towards empowering and supporting youth by providing information and resources.

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Our Channels of Donation


Support YouthLink in covering running costs of our workshops and programs for the youth

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Support manifesting projects by young adults in Auroville

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For youth applicants to attend our own and other courses

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Colourful Pile of Old Books


For youth travelling for education, skills training and conferences

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WHY Donate?

YouthLinks main goal is to support the youth in any way shape or form. Be it through financial support, mental health or linking them with a mentor, our main purpose will never change and will always define us. All around the World from small towns to large cities, there are many youth who are in need of guidance and help. Join our mission of creating a better tomorrow by helping the youth of today! 




The Unity Fund, administered in the Financial Service office at the Town Hall, is Auroville’s official channel for receiving and disbursing all donations and grants (both foreign and Indian) to the various Auroville trusts, projects and units, as well as all the contributions and reserves from the commercial trusts of Auroville.

Auroville Fund is a unit under the Auroville Foundation located in the Financial Service office at the Town Hall, which receives - through the Auroville Unity Fund -, disburses and accounts for donations and grants (both foreign and Indian) for a wide variety of projects and activities, including purchase of land, the construction of houses and public buildings, the maintenance of forests and farms, and some educational, cultural and publication activities.


If you would like to send us a donation here is how you do it:


Bank Transfer / cheque / draft etc



Need help?

Write to us at:

or contact:



No tax receipt can be issued for donations via the Internet. Indian donors wishing to obtain a tax exempt receipt need to first contact in order to determine if the donation proposed is eligible for a tax exemption receipt.

International Donors can only get tax exemptions through the Auroville International branch in their respective country:

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