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Auroville is full of beautiful and unique opportunities.
We maintain a list of available opportunities and help match the candidate to the right opportunity according to their interests, capabilities, and needs. YouthLink also works with service units to design new opportunities for youth integration. 
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Facilitators & experts on different domains

(water management, non-violent communication...)


Days of workshops organized 


Aurovilians, Newcomers, Volunteers worked with YouthLink since its creation in 2015.


Attendees of events organized 

YouthLink Charter

- To help integrate youth into the community and be a bridge between Auroville and the world. 

- To explore and experiment various ways of enabling free progress and a higher consciousness. 

- Be the link that enables continuous flow of wisdom and knowledge throughout generations. 

- To activate future leaders and thinkers to be the driving force for conscious change.

Our Team

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The engagement Team will consist of people who wish to participate in a long term commitment. The engagement teams will actively pursue and see through projects and programs taken up by Youthlink

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The Support team is made up of short term volunteers and helping hands and provide support to the engagement teams. They are given specific tasks, freely moving through different engagement teams according to current needs.

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Beneficiaries Team

Their focus will be the development of the youth of Auroville and connection to youth oriented organisations all over the world. It would work with the schools of Auroville in particular to inform and educate about the opportunities for development and growth provided by Youthlink. It would also engage with the larger community of Auroville and the bioregion to better integrate the local and community youths.

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Resources Team

Will create and maintain a current list of resources needed for Youthlink to function. It would be the primary interface to experts, mentors, partner organisations, and providers of financial and in-kind support. One main task of this team would be to maintain an opportunities listing for the youth.

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Projects Team

Will coordinate, manage and deliver events, seminars, and more. Both directly and in collaboration with other educational organisations, it would be the team in charge of ideating and proposing programs and projects for the benefit of all youth in Auroville.

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Alumni Team

To keep a connection with all volunteers and team members who have participated in YouthLink over the years. This can grow to become an incredible resource for the youth community

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The core team will constitute the permanent core of the organisation. It will be composed of dedicated members who are committed to the ongoing processes of YouthLink, as well as the decision making which is done through an agreement process

Mentorship &

Career Counselling

Sometimes being young can be tough. Many young individuals feel the need to have more support systems when facing new challenging situations, moving forward in life.

Many experienced Aurovilians are happy to help guide and nurture aspiring youth in Auroville. From accounting to carpentry to mental health, we maintain an accessable database of willing mentors and their wealth of knowledge.

Event Organisation

We welcome people from all ages and walks of life to come together and create a safe environment, where we can freely express ourselves while engaging in diverse activities.

We organise events and programs which embody and promote unity, while encouraging self development and growth. 

Apprenticeship & Employment

We aspire to empower youth through the learning of hard and soft skills.

YouthLink works with projects, services & units to design and create possibilites for the youth. 

We maintain a list of all that is available and help match the right candidate to the right opportunity according to each person's requirements and interests.

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