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How YouthLink Auroville began
YouthLink was founded in early 2015, as part of the Retreat community process. At this event, several hundred Aurovilians looked at the themes of the bioregion, economy, education, governance, growth and town planning. The goals related to youth were defined with milestones related to housing, education, and employment.
Today, Seven years later
YouthLink has defined itself as a service unit of Auroville. It is run by a group of young adults and works with a large number of mentors, linking youth to different Auroville working groups, services, and units.
The overall goal for YouthLink is to enable youth integration in all areas of the community.
Vision and Mission
YouthLink helps voice youth concerns and needs as well as empowering younger generations through recognising their potential and supporting their involvement in the development of Auroville.

YouthLink aims
 to be a bridge between Auroville, its bio-region, India and the world. We support young leaders and youth related activities that aim at building a better world.
Everyone is welcome! 
Our Team
YouthLink is formed by a Core Team of 5 youth. Each member is encouraged to have an experienced Mentor in the community to grow and learn from which ensures cross-generational collaboration as well as the sharing of knowledge.

Project Nursery
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