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How to Engage

YouthLink provides a central point of connection for youth needs. Young people coming to Auroville have different ways in which they work to integrate themselves. YouthLink has various levels of involvement and commitments from volunteers and participants. We aim to enable youth integration in all areas of the community and bring forth youth initiatives while also working towards involving more youth in supporting existing services in Auroville. 


For youth-led activities, YouthLink will operate as a channel for resources from within and outside of Auroville. Support will range from the personal (counselling, mentoring etc.) to the professional (project planning, financial resources, skills) in order for the activities to succeed. 


For those passionate about working with and for the youth, volunteering with YouthLink may be the perfect opportunity to get more involved with Auroville.


Listed below are some of the national and international 

organisations YouthLink works in collaboration with;

- Auroville’s Services and Units.

- Gaia Education International.

- Global Ecoversities Alliance.

- Global Ecovillage Network.

- Re-Imagining Education.

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