“It is not by running away from the world that you will change it. It is by working there, modestly, humbly but with a fire in the heart, something that burns like an offering”

 ~ Mirra Alfassa  


Co-create a space to be yourself.


Explore oneself through collective learning.


Manifest in the spirit of offering service.


Seek transformation through innovation.

YouthLink provides information on opportunities in Auroville related to workshops, internships, apprenticeships, job opportunities and exchange programs. Information on career counseling, life coaching and specified mentorship is also available.

YouthLink also designs its own courses which are Certified by the Global Ecovillage Network or by Gaia Education which are then also recognized as a Contributor to the UNESCO 'Global Action Program on Education for Sustainable Development'.

Integrative whole systems design for sustainability and self discovery

YouthLink designs curriculum and implements courses exploring the four dimensions of community - Ecology, Economy, Social and Worldview, based on the Auroville model. These courses invite participants to 'come for unity' and to explore 'community' life by exploring themselves and learning to Do-It-Together. The course is an immersive program held over 6 weeks, discovering all aspects of the community through the Heart, Head and Hands.

Next Course: 15th December 2019 - 12th January 2020

Gaia Education Certified

Applications Open

Comm - 4 - Unity is a community-building course that contextualises the Ecovillage Development Education programme to draw learnings & inspirations from Auroville. Auroville is an international, intentional ecovillage aspiring for Human Unity & alternative, more sustainable & holistic systems of living including Economy, Governance, Ecology, Culture & Worldview.
This course invites participants to explore themselves and understand their role in a collective or community. Participants form a circle and develop their personal project. A process that allows each participant to explore from their Heart, Head & Hands. The course includes space for introspection, planning, theory of sustainable living & system design tools, hands-on activities in building solutions for the future but also a healthy dose of cultural exposure & fun! Come immerse yourself in the depth & diversity Auroville offers through its experts, project holders, pioneers & people!

Global Ecovillage Network Certified

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Empowering young adults as educators with facilitation skills training

YouthLink supports young educators with tools for conscious facilitation and designing curriculum in their field of interest.

Next Course: 12th-18th Oct 2018

Global Ecovillage Network Certified

Tools for project design, implementation and management


YouthLink aims to support the manifestation of projects and startups desiged by young adults in Auroville.

Next Course: March-April 2019

Applications Closed

YouthLink conducts various other workshops based on interest expressed youth.

Y-PEER Training: Peer-facilitator training to build a 'Auroville Peer Education Network' respond to difficult situations.

Next Course: 25th Feb-3rd March 2019

Y-PEER Certified

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YouthLink as a bridge between Auroville, its bioregion, India and the World

YouthLink is a member of the Multiversities Alliance in India and is also a part of the United Nations Youth by organizing annual International Youth Day events.

YouthLink works closely with the Global Ecovillage Network. Several members are GEN Ambassadors, and some play a key role in the Oceania/Asia region (GENOA) and in the Youth Branch (NextGENOA).

Upcoming Events:

Feb 1st-10th Feb 2019: "The Power of Community" Online Summit: Screening Hub & Talks at YouthLink Prosperity Hall, Humanscapes Campus. summit.ecovillage.org.

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YouthLink is an Educational Activity & Service under the Auroville Foundation.

Tel: +91 8778 312 841  |  youthlink@auroville.org.in