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What to Where YC Fair

What 2 Where Fair @ the Youth Centre

The Youth Centre has a long tradition of hosting an annual Christmas Fair in Auroville. This Fair was fantastic as always! The Youth Center team, joined by many youth from Auroville & outreach schools, came together weeks in advance to help clear the land, fix the infrastructure, decorate and arrange for all the events – this was done during the muddy monsoon!

This year’s theme was Wht 2 Whr – asking two questions 1) What to wear? As clothing, as a costume fair, and 2) What to Where, as a question to our community about ‘where are we going’? YouthLink supported the team with fundraising and communications. The atmosphere was joyful, with the sun out and lots of laughter. Children celebrated with games and there was lots of food and Christmas present shopping for everyone. It was truly a community event and the Youth Center team appreciated the positive energy and collaboration from friends and neighbours… one step closer towards human unity!

#events #bioregion

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