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What’s Happening in the Town Hall?

Educational Journey Poster

Governance Action Group and YouthLink had one overlapping goal – to engage more youth in Auroville’s governance by 2018. We have been meeting regularly to develop some grand ideas, which are currently still on the design table. However, together with one Governance Action Group member, namely Shivaya, we have taken the first little step towards our larger goal.

On the 12th December 2015, about 20 youth gathered at the Town Hall. The posters invited youth for the event as follows, calling all interested Auroville youth, and youth who had grown up going to schools/working in our neighbourhood. “Ever wondered what’s happening in the Town Hall? Come and join us in this educational journey on how Auroville functions.” The program begun rather early for a Saturday, at 9AM, with a session of Awareness Through the Body. Later the team heard from various members working at the Town Hall on topics of History of working groups, on the roles of the Working Committee and Auroville Council, on our Economy, on our community’s ideals and on our Town Planning.

The youth attending evaluated their experience, each one sharing different favourite highlights. Overall this experience was an great success and an encouraging indicator that youth are indeed interested and eager to learn more, integrate and participate in Auroville. Several teachers and parents have requested to be better informed of such programs in the future, another indicator of interest and community support. YouthLink and Governance Action Group plan to continue to offer such an experience to youth of our community every couple of months.

The day ended with the group gathering on top of Citadine, with a calming view of Auroville’s landscape; the Matrimandir, Maison des Jeunes, SAIIER, and the Town Hal, all-radiating gently in the sunset… In gratitude of all speakers, the Town Hall maintenance team, Tanto and all the youth who participated.

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