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Meeting with Auroville International (AVI)

Auroville International (AVI) has centres and liaisons all over the world. This year on the 18th February YouthLink presented our work and aspirations to the entire AVI group at the Unity Pavilion.

During some discussions with youth, we found that many did not know what “A.V.I” stood for. Some youth were also surprised to hear that we had a global network! Based on this YouthLInk organized an event for the following week. YouthLInk invited the AVI representatives and Auroville youth to meet for an informal discussion over tea and work exhibition at our office. It was a great event!

Out of the interaction between AVI and Youth it was agreed that YouthLink would maintain regular contact with centres. YouthLink also agreed to help create a database of youth abroad, to help link them to AVI centres and see how youth can support the centre, and vice versa, how the centres can help youth abroad.

YouthLInk is also very grateful for AVI Netherlands, AVI Germany and AVI USA for supporting our work. We are especially grateful to Stichting de Zaaire for supporting YouthLink members to work by funding a budget for allocation of stipends. This has allowed a committed presence in our office, currently covering 14 members to work at YouthLink.

Together with the help of Aditi, Mukta, Suryamayi, Muna, Matthias, YouthLink is building a database of youth abroad. The aim is to survey the youth and find out their motivations for leaving, struggles abroad and reasons for planning to return to Auroville.

The long term possibility is to build an online platform to network Aurovilians as they move through the world, and develop a stronger ‘alumni’ network to support the individuals of that network while simultaneously supporting the Auroville dream reach the world.

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