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Higher Education: A Gate & A Path

We launched this initiative named 'Higher Education: A Gate & A Path' with Omar in September 2016 at the Unity Pavilion. We recognised that Auroville youth have a unique situation regarding their education, and have the potential to develop very interesting portfolio's to add to their academic courses. This advantage may help Auroville youth apply to good universities worldwide. We believe, that this advantage may also help during application for scholarships, as many Auroville youth cannot afford higher education at the moment.

• Module 1 / Experience: Invited Alumni—of diverse programs, and universities, of different countries, and regions—to share and discuss their experiences, to help establish a deep balanced understanding of the experience of formal higher education, and build a sense of how versatile they can be; paving the road for the second module: how to select?

• Module 2 / Select: Strategies of how to aim for the programs most suitable for each individual’s innate capacities will be discussed. Proven tools to help individuals reveal their unique faculties (ex. Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences) were used in an interactive workshop; opening the door for the third module: How to apply?

• Module 3 / Apply: Based on an understanding of how professors select their students, strategies and skills needed to prepare successful applications for the most selective universities were introduced. Going through this process helped prepare participants for the fourth and last module: Individual, and small group consultations.

• Module 4 / Consult: Personalized consultations was offered to individuals, or small groups sharing the same interests, opening the door for continuous support for select participants over the following year.

The workshop welcomed: 1-Community members, considering joining a university program, undergraduate or postgraduate 2-High school students 3-Educators.

Facilitated by Omar Rabie, many Mentors & YouthLink.

Photo Credit: Ivan Avakian

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