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International Peace Day 2016, Auroville

YouthLink joined the opening of the Peace month celebrations at Unity Pavillion, Auroville on September 21st, the International Day of Peace. The day started with a few moments of silence and meditation at 12 PM around the Table of Peace.

After 3 PM, group activities started with the community of adults and children coming in to participate in a few activities. These activities included: creating colourful origami paper cranes that were linked to make chains, creating a flower and seed mandala representing the symbol of peace, and a powerful interactive map was created on the wall for people to write messages directed at any part of the world where they wished for peace.

At 4.30 PM it was time for the main Peace day ceremony at the Hall of Peace. Shivaya started the ceremony emphasizing the crucial need for peace in today’s world and importance for youth involvement for enabling human unity. Next was a lamp-lighting by Aster Patel accompanied by a few children to mark the opening of the Auroville Peace month.

A group of youth, primarily members of YouthLink read out the Peace day declaration line by line, followed by a speech from Anandi and the display of the Peace flag and Peace certificate which were given to the stewardship of the Hall of Peace and to YouthLink. A Peace mantra in Sanskrit, wishing peace for the entire universe, was chanted by everyone for 10 minutes. After a brief break, the next session was a collective Peace meditation at the Hall of Peace, concluding the opening of the Auroville Peace month.

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