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Sourcing Our Oneness, Nainital

10 members of YouthLink participated in a 7 day retreat held in the Delhi Ashram retreat in Nainital, Uttarakhand consisting of 88 participants coming from Auroville, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Sri Aurobindo Society, Auroville International, World Union, Sri Aurobindo’s Action, Sri Aurobindo Delhi Ashram and other associated organizations.

YouthLink members, Nainital.

For the retreat process, we used tools developed in Auroville, using the 12 qualities and Mother’s work with flowers as a way to work from a space of co-creation. We spent 4 themed days on Life, Power, Wealth and Utility (from four of the Matrimandir gardens), creating a space for resonance and collaboration between all the organisations.

As part of the youth group, we represented each of our individual work as well as helping with the logistics and organisation of the event itself. We connected with other youth groups associated with the other organisations throughout the week.

Workshop and tools with YouthLink


A 7 day retreat, the outcomes seem to be a few potential projects:

1. Snow View Land: Narayanamurthy ji has requested help with a piece of land, Pondicherry Ashram property, wishing to invest in water retention techniques for the land and also an environmental centre of sorts to be established in that space. He envisions the involvement of the community and is open to the idea of a bioresource centre. We have suggested that we will send him a proposal of what we have observed and possibilities on the land.

2. Madhuban: Anju and Tara di, caretakers of this Delhi Ashram property have requested youth energy for this space. Madhuban, consisting of a retreat centre, meditation hall, functional kitchen, fruit orchards, units for women’s enterprises in knitting and tailoring is looking for energy in their village development project. Having adopted 5 village schools, there is a real need to create a long term plan, bring in more energy to help in these areas and create practical exchanges with Aurovillians.

3. Auroville’s 50th year anniversary: Bringing in Ashram youth to help make the week happen.

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