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Launching ProSkills, Auroville

ProSkills was launched by YouthLink in November 2016 at the Auroville Visitor’s Center.

Proskills poster

ProSkills is a space for youth to request, design, participate in learning and skills oriented development – a space to be inspired by Auroville’s plenitude of resources and opportunities.

If anyone has an Opportunity to share (Short Course, Internship, Apprenticeship, Fellowship, Job, etc.) we can add it to our database and help ‘link’ you to the youth that meets your ideal candidate description. This also extends beyond Auroville, inviting partnerships, exchange programs and links to the world.

ProSkills also maintains a database of opportunities and mentors if youth would like to leave Auroville - for college/university/exchange programs. We have mentors for specific countries, and mentors who can help with Portfolio Building, Application processes, and preparation for requesting Scholarships.

ProSkills also offers sessions on various topics, as requested by youth. Some examples have been: Leadership Workshop, Project Planning Workshop, Introduction to Town Hall Day, Communications & Public Speaking Sessions, Economy Orientation Day, Career Counselling, Community Building, Conflict Resolution, and Learning English through Reading Texts on Auroville’s Ideals…etc.

Anadi in the tree house

Chali on stage..

ProSkills was launched by YouthLink as a performance display of existing opportunities and youth who were already engaged in learning skills. For example, the evening event was catered by the Cooking Apprenticeship Program, and performers of various skills displayed their talent such as the Tree House Community, and Green Care. We also had unit holders and elders willing to teach displaying their offerings.


The show would not be possible without the help from our mentor, Jesse. We are grateful for his help - as he turned the entire Event Organisation process into a skills learning opportunity ! It was fantastic, we had youth learning how to write formal emails, how to speak in public, how to photograph and livestream the show and so much more. It was truly a reflection of the Auroville community, and a joy to watch.

If you are young and would like to learn something, or older and would like to offer to offer, please contact YouthLink and we can help through ProSkills.

YouthLink members on stage

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