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Auroville Marathon

The Auroville Marathon is an annual marathon, held on the second Sunday of every Feb (42.195 km or 26.219 mi). The run goes through the city of Dawn: Auroville. We also have a Half Marathon (21.0975 km or 13.1094 mi) and a 10km run added.

Auroville Marathon is one of the largest and most popular running event in India, with participants from all parts of India. The event is organised by Auroville Runners in association with the Auroville community since 2008. Originally started to celebrate the 40 years of Auroville, the enthusiastic participation attracted many runners from other cities and it was therefore decided to make it an annual affair. The event is organised purely for the joy of running; it considers all participants as winners.

During the Auroville Marathon, a stall was set-up by YouthLink to share all the information regarding our work with youth and to raise funds for youth-led projects in Auroville.

Photo Credit: Eugenie Dumont

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