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Meeting with Auroville International (AVI)

YouthLink was happy to invite the AVI members for a short presentation and tea at our office in Bharat Nivas in February 2017. This year we shared a short video on our work and held a discussion regarding our projects and how AVI may connect to the youth and how the youth may connect to AVI when abroad.

YouthLink members also participated in a session on education with different Auroville groups and AVI, to explore what unending education in Auroville currently is and what may be able to develop in the future. Connecting to AVI members is important to YouthLink as we wish to provide a network of support for Auroville youth who are abroad. However, we also feel the need to include more Auroville youth and young ambassadors to integrate into AVI centres and support their work as well.

Photo Credit: Eugenie Dumont

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