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Cooking Apprenticeship Program

YouthLink supports the Cooking Apprenticeship Program, also part of ProSkills learning, which is temporarily located at Pourtous Distribution Centre (PTDC). The course includes everything from learning recipes, to learning about event organisation, catering, nutrition, hygiene, and different cultural cuisine.

The program has completed one year, successfully graduating students - some have found work in Auroville, and some will go abroad to work in a restaurant and some will go abroad to join a cooking school.

Apprenticeship Program - lunch

The Cooking Program was initiated by Laurence, who we are very grateful to. The course also includes Aurovilian cooks as teachers, and includes a work experience component. YouthLink offers Portfolio building sessions so that the youth are able to display their work for future schooling or employment. The course equipment has been supported through SAIIER and PCG. As the program is only temporarily located at PTDC, we plan to build them a Cooking School in the Hive as a permanent solution for the program.

New applicants for the upcoming year can contact us to join, if interested.

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