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International Youth Day 2017

Exploring Prosperity in Auroville

We would like to extend our immense gratitude to Mahalakshmi park caretakers for welcoming our Youth Day 2017 event and for allowing us to plant some beautiful Prosperity Trees in the park together. We would also like to thank the Governing Board members for taking an interest in our work by visiting the youth event activities and blessing the occasion by lighting the lamp. We were also thrilled to see so many kids, older youth, parents and mentors attending the event. Thank you to the Cooking Apprentices and to the Neem Tree cafe for the delicious food. Thank you to the Joy of Impermanence team, Fire Dancers, Treasure Hunt team, Face Painters, Sky Lantern lighters, Film Makers, Origami Experts, Ecofemme and Lampshade Ladies....etc.etc. for adding to the many activities. And a special thanks to the Prosperity Team for inspiring us with this theme for the year. We hope to continue to 'Explore Peace & Prosperity' together in Auroville.

With love and gratitude to be part of such a wonderful big family.

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