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Auroville Youth Ambassador Training

On the 11th November YouthLink helped organise a Auroville youth Ambassador Training program! It was a wonderful day, filled with a cocreative atmosphere of sharing and learning from the collective intelligence of the group. We also thank Inge, B, Selvam, Gopi, Michael, Dinesh and Shivaya for sharing their wisdom. This has been organised to help young people find their voice and discover how they would like to communicate about Auroville. It has many applications. One can be an ambassador while traveling abroad, but also while being in Auroville and meeting guests and volunteers. It could also help involve more youth in the crowd management aspects of the 50th anniversary events and ongoing guides of visitors and VIPs visiting our community. It is now also possible for youth to be trained into a guide job opportunity with the Payanam unit in Auorville.

A big thank you to Shivaya, Gopi, Dinesh, Mael, Deep, and all the others who helped make this possible. The trainings continue. If you are interested to join, please do!

#education #organization #Auroville

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