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Higher Education: A Gate & A Path

In September 2016, YouthLink initiated a workshop "Higher Education: a Gate & a Path" under the guidance of Omar Rabie. The aim was to initiate a program to support youth from Auroville pursuing opportunities of higher education.

Since then, we have been gradually building up the program, individually mentoring a number of Auroville students—mostly from Last School and Future School—and the group has now grown to about 20.

Now we aim to expand and develop the program by offering the students opportunities to work with different mentors offering them more diverse experiences. Therefore, we conducted a session with these youth on the 14th of October 2017 at Unity Pavilion.

During the session the youth presented themselves, their current interests, activities, aims, and dreams; steps taken, struggles, and questions. Through these presentations, each potential mentor was positioned to see through and decide which of the students s/he can offer support.

Photo Credit: Eugenie Dumont

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