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Comm4unity Course December 2017 - January 2018

What is Comm4unity?

Comm - 4 - Unity is a community building course, inviting participants to explore themselves and understand their role in a team or diverse collective.

We have engaged young adults twice to design such courses before - the first time in 2016 it was hosted in collaboration with Pitchandikulam Forest, and now we are conducting them from YouthLink.

What is unique about this course is that we engage youth to design the curriculum. This means the youth themselves get to choose what they would like to learn, and from whom they would like to learn it from in Auroville.

The program includes every morning time for introspective reflection (example: awareness through the body activities), followed by a bit of theory on community living and sustainable lifestyle solutions (examples: water, environment, energy, economy, conflict resolution etc.), and afternoons exploring the physical matter (examples: make your own soap, kitchen garden, bee hive, small house etc.).

The Comm4Unity course offers space for each participant to dive deep into their inner, exploring alternative ways of living, learning, growing, being, as well as creating intense connections within the community. An overall eye-opening, heart lifting, soul-warming and triggering adventure which shaped each and everyone of us, and formed a collective spirit.

Our last course was held from Dec 2017 - January 2018, it was a beautiful experience organised on a practically zero budget ! We are so so grateful the Auroville community for helping us by donating materials and their time.

So with a heart full of joy and gratitude, we embrace Aloka, Aryamani, Aurelio, Dr. Berengere, Erik, Grace Gitadelila, Dr. Lucas, L’aura, Lison, Margarita, Marie Claire, Mira, Prakash, Ramanan, Sandyra, Walter, Youth Centre Team… and all those who offered us your wisdom. We hope you will join us again for the next course. We also extend a big thank you to Sheril and Pino for offering us a temporary space to work from in Progress community.

YouthLink plans to design more of these courses, and also diversify the experience for some shorter courses on the same theme. We invite primarily young adults ~18-40 but we are also open to applicants who thirst for progress and who embody the spirit of ‘a youth that never ages’ to join us.

For our next course, once completed, the participants receive a certification from Gaia Education, which is a recognition that our course is a contributor to UNESCO’s Education for Sustainable Development. With this recognition, we also help some youth to become facilitators in their chosen area. Therefore it is not just an immersive transformative experience, but participants can graduate and start their own project, and/or become facilitators themselves !

To apply to join our next course starting March 19th, please contact us soon.

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