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Water Ceremony: Auroville's 50th Anniversary

Auroville was inaugurated in 1986, with youth from 121 different nations and 23 Indian states bringing soil to Auroville which was collected in an urn at the opening ceremony.

Fifty years later, Auroville celebrates again, with water from 300 sources globally being pooured by the youth of Auroville and the bioregion into a golden disk. The ceremony took place early morning at the Matrimandir amphitheatre - with several thousand people gathering together in silence as the bonfire burns and the sun rises. Once the sun has risen, the youth formed a line in which they walked in pairs, carrying the name board of the source of water, and the water towards a central disk that collected the water as one.

This symbolic ceremony relfects the Auroville ideal of "Human Univeristy in Diversity" and the dream that "Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole." We are grateful to have been part of this auscipious event.

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