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Comm4unity Course March - April 2018

YouthLink conducted its third EDE course this March - April 2018 !

The first Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) course took place in collaboration with Pitchandikulam Forest in Auroville in December 2016. The second course was re-designed and re-named as 'Comm4unity', was held in December 2017. Our third course, Comm4unity was held this March to April 2018 over a period of 6 weeks.

These courses explore 'community building' through the Auroville context. Participants form a circle and explore their 'offering'. A process that allows each participant to explore from their heart, head and hands. The course includes space for introspection, theory of sustainable living, and space for hands on activities in building solutions for the future.

The course follows a progression of discover through the self being 'born' then going through phases of 'adolocence' 'parenthood' and even 'grand-parenthood', simultaneously exploring the different elements of 'air' 'fire', 'water', 'earth' and 'either'.... allowing participants to practice their team building skills through different frameworks. Individuals step into the circle by themslves and slowly intgegrate into larger groups by pairing first by 2, then 4, then 8 and so on, until they form an entire team full circle. The challenges begin small, with creative tasks related to self discovery, but progress through time as larger tasks come into play - such as making your own bee hive, then kitchen garden, and finally being able to form a collective to build a house together !

Comm4unity courses are certified by Gaia Education. This offers partcipants the option of persuing community building as a career... in the sense of becoming educators / facilitators in thier chosen field of interest, and / or becoming a consultant in community building in their own chosen field of expertise. YouthLink provides support to graduates to deepen their skills in thier fields of interest. Several graduates have already begun teaching, by stepping forward to design the next course.

YouthLink will continue to design and re-design Comm4unity courses in the comming years. If interested in such a life transformative experience, please contact us !

More information about Gaia Education:

Photo Credit: Eugenie Dumont

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