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Humanscapes Inauguration

Humanscapes, a flagship environmentally sustainable and communal housing project in Auroville was inaugurated on August 15th (Sri Aurobindo's birthday and India's Independence Day).

The building was funded by the Government of India, given its potential as a model for human habitat in an age in which our settlements and lifestyles will increasingly be exhorted to reduce their impact on our planet. The housing was allocated to young people working in Auroville without the means to fund their own.

Congratulations to the architect, Suhasini Ayer, contractor Logu and team, and to the project holders at Auroville's Housing Service, for bringing this remarkable project to fruition!

Wishing all of the first Humanscapes residents the best for their stay. We also feel blessed as YouthLink to be granted responsibility as caretakers of the hall to help create activities there for young adults in Auroville.

For more information on Humanscapes:

Video made by Valentina Beatriz & Serena Aurora of Auroville Outreach Media

And yet another video by Auroville filmmaker Fred Cebron:

Photo Credit: Eugenie Dumont

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