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Introduction to the Maker Space

Jorge and his team, in collaboration with YouthLink invited the community to an informative session on the "Maker Space" on Saturday 21st July 2018.

The event included a presentation at YouthLink Venue followed by a site visit to the Maker Space to see its practical application. We were surprised by the overwhelming interest, with over 60 people attending !

This session was held as an introduction to the fab lab concept called 'Maker Space' in Auroville - which currently includes a Computer Controlled Mill (CNC) and one of India's largest Format 3D Printers.

But what does this all mean? And who would attend such a session?

This session was open to anyone with an interest in design, products, alternative housing etc. They could be a carpenter, designer, engineer, or even just a student with interest! In fact, we extended a special invitation to young adults in Auroville and bioregion who may be interested in an apprenticeship in this direction.

The Maker Space has the potential to bring the "maker city movement" to Auroville. Similar to 'grow local', we hope to 'make local'. We could make our own crockery, furniture, vehicles, houses ... Using wood, ceramic, metal and best of all - we could even recycle plastic!

This is all based on open source technology, which is booming worldwide and is especially relevant to intentional communities like Auroville. Let's make Auroville and our bioregion part of that effort to become more self-reliant and self-sufficient.

Photo Credit: Azhagappan

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