GEN Training of Trainers

The Global Ecovillage Network 1 week Training of Trainers was conducted through YouthLink in Auroville in mid October 2018. We were so grateful to welcome Kosha Joubert, the GEN Executive Director, who facilitated the program.

This course included 36 participants, one third from Auroville, one third from Asia and one third international. All partcicipants has already had experience in ecovillage design education. Thus the group was eligible for this 'Training of Trainers' to empower themselves further as educators, and consultants. What does this mean?

Being an educator or cunsultant for community building can take many shapes. GEN supports these individuals in connecting to projects worldwide, and in turn, these young people can now build a career in "building communities". Some chose to focus on Re-Forestation, other on Conflict Resolution. Some decided to persue whole systems design - each one playing a unqiue role according to thier chosen area of expertise.

Photo credit: Eugenie Dumont

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