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Re-Imagining Education Gathering

A gathering took place at the Swaraj Univeristy in Udaipur called "Re-imagining Education" invited by Bayo Akomolafe and Manish Jain in May 2018.

In this workshop, Manish Jain and Bayo Akomolafe host conversations, lectures and exercises around re-imagining education, experimenting with possibilities for alternatives, and learning to meet our children – whose magic and work we desperately need today.

Two YouthLink ambassadors attended this program, to help explore alternatives and broaden our network. Understanding the conventional education paradigm is crucial in order to be able to work towards its transformation. Interesting discussions were held on topics such as "parenting" and allowing children to "direct their own learning needs". Essentially YouthLink's work has been to provide young adults with a platform to design and direct their own learning. In many traditional contexts, this still happens - where elders take the role of "mentor"or "advisory"but only when called on. Unfortunately many of our educational institutions today are designed solely by older generations, often in ways imposing their ideas of "learning" on young generations. This often establishes patterns of behaviour to be replicated from generation to generation, with little space for innovation or creative solutions to emerge. When the voice of the children or youth are surpressed, how can we expect a new world to emerge?

Attending this program not only helped define more questions for all those who were seeking a paradigm shift in education. It also helped bring a sense of hope through the recognition that there are so many like minded people throughout India searching for the same. Many parents and children are choosing alternative educational schools or homeschooling options today. It was heartwarming to hear from the many pioneers who were dedicating their lives towards a search towards a holistic approach to education and life.

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