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Auroville Peer Education Training #2

In the last week of February 2019 YouthLink conducted its second APET - Auroville Peer Education Training for a group of 14 youth in their late adolescent and twenties. APET is a 1 week training using the YPEER Methodology developed by the UNFPA.

It has been adapted to the Auroville-bioregional context to make it relevant to the youth of this region - by engaging the youth in the design of the program. As it is the second training, 1 young adult from the first training also engaged in facilitation. This way, those who are active in the network following the training have the opportunity to become facilitators in upcoming workshops. Eventually there may even be opportunity for facilitators to attend an international YPEER training.

The training was very successful, addressing difficult, sometimes taboo topics such as gender, sexuality, drug abuse, and depression. The engagement, enthusiasm and feedback from the participants was very heart warming. As we have now conducted 2 trainings we are forming a network - currently we are 34 members !

This is significant as a peer-peer network of 34 members can really form a strong awarness and support net for the community at large.

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