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The Part-Time Parent Initiative

As part of Youth Day celebrations, YouthLink launched a Part-Time Parent Initiative! Till date we have been working with Mentors and Facilitators from the community to help bridge generations and share skills to support the integration of young adults in Auroville.

Recently, we met a Newcomer joining Auroville called Chandra, who has developed a Part-Time Parenting (PTP) process in his life together with his wife Yogini. We were so touched and inspired by their experience that we felt it would be great to invite other Aurovilians to explore this as well.

It has been a fundamental part of our work in YouthLink to create space for deeper connection and to build a sense a family amongst youth. Thus, we are extending this to potential parents, and even grandparents, who are searching to connect with younger generations.

Through the YouthLink platform we are offering to help link generations, as it could provide support on various levels; emotionally, psychologically, and perhaps even financially.

The event took place on Saturday the 10th August from 4:00-8:00PM with a presentation, discussion and refreshments. Many Aurovilians came; some sharing their experience of already assuming the role of a PTP, and others eagerly asking questions and deepening the conversation.

Overall the understanding and enthusiasm felt by the audience helped us verify the need for such an initiative. In the coming months we will work with those who have expressed interest to develop this initiative further.

If you would like to hear more about becoming a Part-Time Parent, or if you are a young adult in Auroville looking for support, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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