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Have you ever heard of Waterman? He is the man who revived rivers and brought water back into Indian villages.

On the 30th December 2019, Rajendra Singh, also known as Waterman, was invited by YouthLink to share his experience and knowledge of water with the youth of Auroville.

As a sign of the universe, he came on a very rainy day. He joined the circle, and despite his voice having to overpower the loud sound of the rain, everyone started listening to him as an open book.

He could have talked to us about his own work: the NGO he runs, Tarun Bharat Sangh, which started with a single village and over the years helped build over 8,600 johads and other water conservation structures to collect rainwater during dry seasons. Thus successfully bringing water back to over 1 000 villages, and reviving five rivers in Rajasthan, Arvari, Ruparel, Sarsa, Bhagani and Jahajwali! He could also have told us about winning the Stockholm Water Prize in 2015, an award recognising the most outstanding achievements in the domain of water.

However, he chose instead to address to the inner voice of the youth, this little voice that asks us to be conscious of water, that it is our source of Life. Saving water should come from the inside, from a self-discipline we naturally adopt once we recognise and decide to live fully our interconnectedness with nature.

We talked about how water conservation should come from the inside of each one of us. Only then, can we spread our own paradigm to the community, to the world, starting with small structures, on an individual basis. As Waterman said, “Science without senses makes no sense…!”. Simple solutions are the key, and saving water can only start from awakening our own consciousness.

By inviting everyone to join the “Water Ethics, Justice and Peace Walk”, started from Delhi and reaching Geneva in September 2020, he is inviting to the world to pay attention and respect to water.

After this sharing with youth, he went on to reach out to the community at large. He presented “Community Driven Conservation as a Solution to Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation”, to propose and explore possible solutions for Auroville.

Outside of Auroville, he invites everyone to join the “Water Ethics, Justice and Peace Walk”, starting from Delhi and reaching in Geneva this September 2020.

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