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Youth Day

Updated: Sep 28, 2023


YouthLink and Youth Center have decided to unite and create a one day festival on the 12th of August where we get together to celebrate Youth throughout the ages!

Our aim is to bring the community together, remind everyone of their own youth and its meaning!

You will get to travel through a time boulevard that will start from the 1950s to today, showing how music, art, fashion, movies, Auroville etc. have evolved through time, and what were the main youth movements during those decades!

You will get to express your creativity and have fun with a variety of different activities like games, arts, craft, fire juggling, dad's joke competition and music!

A buffet will be available for lunch and different kinds of food will be at your disposition throughout the day!

Come and enjoy an open space for dialogue and discussions!

Bring along stories of your youth, of what it meant to be young and what it means for you today.

We are looking forward to listening to all of your stories and ponder together on what "a youth that never ages" actually means!

Join us for this day of Youth celebration dressed up as a youth from the generation of your choice from the 50s to today and have fun!

Here are some examples to help you :)


YouthLink and its Youth Day History!

We have been celebrating the International Youth Day since the creation of YouthLink in 2017 and have made it a tradition!

In 2022, we organised an event on the theme of intergenerational solidarity with the hope of bringing the community together throughout generations.

The venue was split into four main areas, Exhibition, Stalls/Market, Games and Workshops. Various individuals from diverse horizons, generations and skills came together to conduct workshops and sessions during the day!

During the event, a separate outdoor area was kept for Units/Activities of Auroville for attendees to be able to learn more about Auroville, the way it functions and how we go about our daily life in the community

We had arranged a variety of games for all generations to enjoy and have fun together, ranging from Paper Plane Contest, Chess, Pétanque and Blind Babble!

In order to pay tribute to the 75th independence day of India, an exhibition of photographs from Olivier Barot on Mother India and its beauty was displayed.

The exhibition was a great opportunity for attendees to learn more about the rich cultural heritage of India.

To close the event, Svaram was invited to hold an interactive drum session where all the participants joined and danced till sunset!

It was a great opportunity to let loose and have some fun. Following that, our in-house DJ Cheenu took the stage and played some great tunes to keep the spirit going.

As a whole, this celebration was an important event in Auroville as it highlighted the importance of intergenerational solidarity and gave an opportunity for attendees to discover the rich cultural heritage of India and the variety of things Auroville has to offer!

It also offered a space for individuals to connect with each other, share their diverse skills and participate in convivial activities

Overall, the event was a great success and we are looking forward to celebrating International Youth Day this year!

Join Us!

Written by Madhu

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