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YL Open House Feb. 2020: an inside-out view

On the 21st and 22nd of February, YouthLink organised its annual Open House event. Two intense days to present what we do in YouthLink, our projects, and how we organise ourselves.

As a community member, a visitor, or simply a curious human being, you might have passed by, met us and discovered our projects and offerings, listened to our stories, shared yours, seen our trailer video, enjoyed delicious home-made falafels, or maybe even enjoyed a free massage…

As a Youthlink team member, my own experience of this event has been rich, challenging, and reminded me that sometimes it’s necessary to let go of expectations ! From our perspective, what were these 2 days feeling like ?


On Friday, we first transformed our office into a space that feels like home, pillows, massage beds, handmade decorations, all on the rhythm of good music and energetic vibes! These kinds of moments reveal the complementarity of our team personalities. Each of us had different concerns, right from the smallest detail, to the biggest questions: did we actually post up our event poster in the main spots of Auroville ? not sure… Anyway, the day went on and we followed its flow, meeting people and keeping our best smiles.

In the evening, we organised our own version of Human Library: the Youth Library. Five of us became Open Books. Based on the cover and title of the “books”, readers could choose which to open and “read”. Again, as books, we have been expressing our diversity: very varied stories to share, very varied ways to experience openness. How does it feel like to be an Open Book ?

For me, this was a new experience. I could observe the stages I went through. First, doubt phase: will my story make sense to the readers? will they catch the essence of it? I am gonna be able to connect with them? Then, loss of control phase: why am I not saying what I planned? Are my readers listening? Is what I’m saying defining me? After, comes the relaxed phase: my readers are into the story, they are willing to share their own experience, we even have very inspiring discussions! At the end, I noticed it felt good to open up, and there was nothing to be wrong about, since it was simply the true story of how the book of my life is now at its Auroville chapter.

I learnt the more I open and offer, the more I will also receive.

The next day, each of us had a chance to be in our playground: assembling a tiny house, cooking falafels, painting pots, sharing with the community… having a nap in our different corners… At the end, we could express who we are : a team with various struggles, preoccupations, fears, dreams and motivations, but all together trying to find order in the disorder. We always learn from each other, about ourselves and our collective.

Thank you for being part of the experience.

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