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Startups designed by young adults in Auroville
When projects are initiated under the YouthLink umbrella, they are provided with mentorship to develop their proposals and support to understand Auroville’s ideals and context.





We face several challenges as

a collective in the Auroville

bioregional area - regarding

topics like bike accidents,

substance abuse, suicide and

depression. At times we may

feel handicap... not knowing how to react, with questions arising like, "what can we do to help?" We know our peer group has a strong influence in how we behave, and this can be for both risky and safe behaviors. This is especially important when we deal with sensitive issues. Many times we want to help, but we don't know how or we don't know enough. So, how can you be of real help to your close ones? Use peer influence in a positive way by becoming a reference for information and support in your community. Develop your leadership and communication skills and become part of an International Network of Peer Educators!

Exploration of values and beliefs, theatre based Peer Education, taboo topics discussions, thematic games, movies and much more! This first training is designed specifically for Auroville / bioregional youth between the ages 16-30yrs, with flexibility.

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A transformational experience of exploring oneself in the collective context of Auroville, to inspire life projects based on the principles of Ecovillage Design Education (EDE). 
Through the programme of Gaïa Education EDE curriculum and its four dimensions, Comm4Unity is a four-weeks course that provides an overview of existing solutions and tools within Auroville to seek a sustainable and regenerative way of living.

Course Languages: English, French, Tamil

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YL event
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Future leaders are invited to incubate small or larger initiatives all towards the benefit of the collective youth.
Meditation by the Sea

Community building

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We have a diverse group of Mentors and Elders who are  interested in providing their expertise to individuals through project incubation.
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How to Engage

YouthLink provides a central point of connection for youth needs. Young people coming to Auroville have different ways in which they work to integrate themselves. YouthLink has various levels of involvement and commitments from volunteers and participants. We aim to enable youth integration in all areas of the community and bring forth youth initiatives while also working towards involving more youth in supporting existing services in Auroville. 


For youth-led activities, YouthLink will operate as a channel for resources from within and outside of Auroville. Support will range from the personal (counselling, mentoring etc.) to the professional (project planning, financial resources, skills) in order for the activities to succeed. 


For those passionate about working with and for the youth, volunteering with YouthLink may be the perfect opportunity to get more involved with Auroville.


Listed below are some of the national and international 

organisations YouthLink works in collaboration with;

- Auroville’s Services and Units.

- Gaia Education International.

- Global Ecoversities Alliance.

- Global Ecovillage Network.

- Re-Imagining Education.

How To Engage
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