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Safety & Boundaries Awarness

We are living in a community with a huge purcentage of Elderly people compared to most places in the world and this contrast is even more evident when compared with India that has a very young population.

Seeing the need to support this huge part of our demagraphic that is often forgotten, we decided to hold an Awarness Campain on the subject of Elderly Care and spread awarness on how it is to grow old in Auroville, what are the supports systems in place and what we can further improve to care for our beloved seniors.

Our aim is to create a community where we feel secure growing old together!

What did we do?

  • Research, and networking meetings, to learn more about the topic, and to inform ourselves on the existing processes in Auroville.

  • We did a board where people got to write their needs and feeling about what they would need to feel safe growing old in Auroville

  • We met with the care takers of Mahalakshmi Home, Matram and ?

  • With all the info received we created infographics on statistics in Av, in Puducherry and around the World

  • We showed to the commuity the Farewell and Living Form, both form are needed to be filled and given to the Farewell team so that they know what to do with the body and belongings after death.

  • We got volunteers to help support and care for our Elderly

  • We took interviews of Elderly and Young people to see their perspectives on ageing 

  • We had a few facilitators on stand-by for support and to be able to answer questions or have further discussions for anyone interested. They also helped us in checking that our information was good and gave us feedback. A big thanks to ???

  • We also have spread awareness through our social media platforms and will be sending out the information through digital format via email for those that have asked us. If you would like to receive infographics and Farewell/Living forms, please reach out to

Following our Elderly Care campain, we plan on doing presentation in schools and ????

Read about our previous campaign!

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