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In the Spirit of Servitude
For the Youth, by the Youth

Youth has no agePablo Picasso


Pakka Box

JOI is a community incubator and the first community to be formed under JOI is Anitya. Anitya Community is a residential & creative space to experiment on self sufficiency, closed loop system, low technology, post monetary system and collective intelligence.

Inner World Studio

The Inner Worlds Studio is a space for conversations from human being to human being. IWS seeks to empower individuals to discover, develop and express their unique potentials. It’s inspired by and draws on resources from academic and indigenous psychologies.

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Tiny House Design Studio is a collective of Builders, Designers, and Architects working towards fostering an environment of living a Sustainable & Minimalistic life.

Incubate Your Very Own Project!

Starting activities or units in Auroville can be daunting with little information and much bureaucracy. Project Nursery supports young adults who wish to create and incubate a project by providing information and assistance with administrative services and linking them to other projects, groups, and relevant mentors.

The Project Nursery team is responsible for handling all the accounting and administrative tasks for the project, so that the project holder can solely focus on the tasks at hand for their project to start up.

Future leaders are invited to incubate small or larger initiatives depending on the capacity of the individual.When projects are initiated under the YouthLink umbrella, they are provided with mentorship to develop their proposals and support to understand Auroville’s ideals and context. We have a diverse group of Mentors and Elders who have shown interest in providing their expertise to individuals through project incubation.

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