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Our Alumnis

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Ankita Sheth

Working in YouthLink has been an experience of a lifetime. I felt pushed, supported, challenged & motivated throughout my journey. I have grown tremendously as a person. Working with YouthLink has been instrumental in understanding & connecting with Auroville ideals as well as Collective life.


I would encourage everyone who lands in Auroville to work at least 6 months in YouthLink. It is the most amazing, fun & vibrant landing platform.

Worked in YouthLink From June 2020 To May 2023

Aurore Galarza

Worked in YouthLink From April 2022 To June 2023

I worked at YouthLink for more than a year, mainly in the education area. 

It has been one of the most rewarding experiences both professionally and personally.

Whether it's through the activities and programmes we've organised or the teamwork, my experience with YouthLink has been transformative.
Professionally, it gave me more clarity and determination about what I wanted to do. It allowed me to contribute and to better understand the community spirit. 2 projects in which I took part that illustrate this well are the 7 Tamil class sessions and the AV Youth Integration Program.
I acquired better personal organisation, new office skills and, above all, improved my communication skills. I've learned to express my ideas and share my point of view within a group. Being tolerant and accepting, learning to listen, to make concessions in order to move forward and create together.
Youthlink is also about wonderful encounters, moments of joy and sorrow, laughter, music, lots of tea (coffee and  ice cream)... A strong and consistent team spirit, supporting and encouraging each other to progress and grow.

I'll always have fond memories of my YouthLink experience, and very good friendships.
Thank you all very much.

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Krishna Balu

I worked at YouthLink for around one year as coordinator of outreach. I would like to thank YouthLink for an amazing opportunity to learn so much about my capabilities and confidences, I created a lot of stronger friendships as well.

Worked in YouthLink From March 2022 To March 2023

Worked in YouthLink From April 2022 To January 2023

Medha Sharma

YouthLink marks the beginning of my journey of working towards goals that help other people and I think I'm on this journey because the experience was so great. I learnt a great deal from each team member and I'm grateful for all the beautiful memories, the determination and love with which each one of us worked towards contributing in making Auroville a safe space for the youth to grow and thrive in.

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Devashish Gaur

It has been a pleasure being part of a team working so hard for providing betterment, connections, training and uplifting the community! It helped me to understand nuances and needs of a beautiful community. I could experiment, learn new things without being afraid of mistakes. I really cherished the constant support from the team and i also found my place in Auroville because of it. When everyone around you is doing what they do out of love and passion, it doesn’t really feel like work. And because of that, I will always be connected to Auroville.

Worked in YouthLink From August 2022 To December 2022

Yolane Zalay

I worked with Youthlink for 4 months and I was part of the education and project departments. 
I had the chance to be involved in different projects of youthlink, my favourites being around the topics of safety and boundaries awareness with the SBA awareness program in April 2023 and Auroville's youth empowerment program with the AVYI in May 2023. It was really interesting and fulfilling for me to deepen my knowledge and field of action around these topics that I find crucial to be taken care of. 
Adding to that, working at Youthlink felt very special and new on a human level. We work with a non hierarchical system that allow us to be equal in all the decision making process and actually give a voice to everyone in the team. It was my first time working in a team that had so much skills and will to work hand in hand and listen to everyone while also being very good friends outside of work. 
Youthlink feels like a place were you can discover yourself through work and learning new life skills, all that in a very joyfully and meaningful atmosphere!

Worked in YouthLink From February 2023 To May 2023

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Driti Wadwa

I came to Auroville with the purpose to learn more about myself and go deeper into my creative journey as a visual artist. My days volunteering at YouthLink are very valuable to me and have taught me how to come back to myself as an artist. I came in as a graphic designer but I’m leaving as a karma yogi. Learning how to overcome the voice of the ego, and let the voice of the collective take over. Resulting in outputs that I am surprised by. 

It has been beyond beautiful. It has also taught me about self discipline and how to be on time (sometimes :p).

Worked in YouthLink From July 2023 To October 2023

Harinie MK

I started working with YouthLink in a particular context. I am studying in France, and I had to do an intership of 2 months and that’s how I joined them.

My experience working with YouthLink was truly transformative. In a profesional way they bought me a lots of knowlege and abundant opportunities to enhance my skills. They also provided me with a safe place to make mistakes and learn from them. The vibrant, spontaneous, and thoughtful working atmosphere was a joy to be a part of.

What stood out to me the most was the communication and mutual respect among team members. We valued each other's opinions and worked together with a strong team spirit, creating a collaborative and supportive atmosphere.

Not only did I gain professional expertise, but I also evolved as an individual. It was through this journey that I discovered new aspects of myself and grew into a better person.

Working with YouthLink has truly been an incredible and life-changing experience, and I will forever cherish the memories and lessons during my time with them.

Worked in YouthLink From April 2023 To May 2023


Tithi Shah

Working at YouthLink provided me with the foundation to expand my short trip and transform Auroville into a place I can now call home. The team's remarkable bond, both within and outside of work, is truly commendable and serves as a great source of inspiration. Regardless of the diverse fields in which we worked, everyone supported each other wholeheartedly, always ready to offer guidance and assistance. During my brief time there, I had the privilege of participating in a captivating event organized by YouthLink for Children's Day (treasure hunt). This event became my most cherished memory as I not only enjoyed organizing it, but also experienced the joyous atmosphere alongside the children who participated and my YouthLink colleagues. Through this experience, I formed friendships that endure to this day, and I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

Worked in YouthLink From November 2022 To December 2022

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