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Children's Day


On November 2022, YouthLink and Youth Center hosted an event to celebrate Children's Day. Over 150 children attended the event, which centred around a treasure hunt in the forest.

The adventure began with the children meeting the forest spirit, who asked for their help in saving the forest by planting a special tree. The children had to find the tree first, and they were given their first clue by an old man they met along the way. The next challenge involved catching the tail of a goblin to obtain the next clue.

To continue their quest, the children had to navigate through an obstacle course called "The Floor is Lava." Once they completed the course, they had to answer some riddles to get another clue. Finally, they entered the "Spider Maze" to find the tree that they had to plant with the forest spirit to complete their mission.

At the end of the treasure hunt, each child was rewarded with a little package containing sweets, toys, and stickers. The event was a huge success, and the children had a wonderful time participating in the various challenges and activities!

Overall, the event was a great way to celebrate Children's Day while providing a fun and engaging experience for the children who attended.

We are organizing another Treasure Hunt for Children's Day this year on Saturday 25th of November, for children aged 6 to 14 years old, the storyline will be different and we hope to have fun altogether!

Written by Sanata.

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