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Senior's Tech Elves


One of our Seniors we went to help out!

In a world of constantly evolving technology, we understand the difficulty of keeping up with the innumerable updates and issues on your digital devices, and the frustration it brings. We at YouthLink have started an initiative called Senior’s Tech Elves where one of our team members makes house visits to people in need of technical assistance and helps them to the best of our abilities!

With this we hope to reach a hand out to the elderly people of our community in a way that we young people can best; but also create a beautiful way to promote intergenerational solidarity, give space for informal discourses, and sharing of knowledge and information between generations.

This project has been going on since September 2022 and we received numerous positive feedbacks from the elderly people we have provided assistance to, as well as from the community!

It has also been an amazing opportunity for our members participating in this project to learn how to interact with elderly people, hear their stories and reflect on them, while learning how to deal with unexpected technology problems and having to improvise on the spot!

Tech Elves is a service provided for free and open for donations.

We hope that this initiative will continue to benefit the community for a long time! If you have any technology related issues, feel free to pass by our office any day, or send us an email at and we will set up a meeting to come help you! :)

Written by Madhu

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