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Trash Walk: Making A Cleaner Auroville

Updated: Apr 26


Debris Detectives: Uncovering Auroville's Trash Troubles

Despite our inviting poster, calling upon volunteers to join hands, shared across social media platforms and pinned up at key locations within Auroville, we could only gathered 4 volunteers and 8 YouthLink members, equipped with gloves and safety jackets provided by the Let’s Talk Trash team.

Dividing into groups assigned to specific waste categories like plastic, paper, glass bottles, and metal, we set

off on our mission, diligently scouring both sides of the road from Certitude playground toward Kuilapalayam. However, the sheer volume of litter posed a challenge, necessitating a halt at the Acceptance community, short of our intended destination at Marc’s Cafe. Notably, areas near eateries and roadsides presented accumulation points for diverse waste, including diapers, food remnants, and assorted containers.

Despite the unpleasant task, we persevered, showcasing our commitment to a cleaner environment.

Reflections and Learnings:

Amidst our efforts, the need for better waste management solutions, especially in collaboration with local restaurants, became apparent. While we paused for refreshments and regrouping, passing onlookers commended our dedication, affirming the impact of collective action. Reflecting on the experience, we identified areas for improvement, including enhanced communication and better planning for waste pickup with more collecting points. Additionally, integrating brief sessions on waste segregation and management before future Trash Walks could bolster our impact and outreach.


As the sun set on our endeavor, we reconvened at Certitude, depositing our filled bags and alerting Eco Service for pickup. A sense of accomplishment permeated the air as we snapped a group photo, acknowledging each other's efforts.

Despite the challenges encountered, the Trash Walk epitomized our shared commitment to fostering a cleaner, greener Auroville.

Looking ahead, we stand resolved to refine our strategies and expand our reach, knowing that our collective actions today lay the groundwork for a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

Stay tuned for updates and opportunities to join hands for the next Trash Walk!

written by Jeremie

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