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One peaceful morning in the helpdesk of YouthLink, a woman came to our window full of energy and enthusiasm. She wanted to share something with the community of Auroville before going back home to her country.

After a short talk she shared with us her passion for Biodanza, and she sounded so passionate that we decided to go ahead and work together on a biodanza workshop!

The whole workshop was organised in 4 days and was a huge success, all the attendees felt fulfilled and connected to each other.

It was quite beautiful to notice the diversity in age and nationality of the participants and their willingness to participate!

It began with a short introduction of Biodanza by the facilitator, then it moved onto exercises with musical accompaniment, holding hands, swaying, walking, letting the music move a certain part of the body. Then some exercise to connect with each other, pairing up with another participant and letting them guide you by hand while you close your eyes, moving with closed eyes while others touch your body of connectedness, and an open dance to finish. 

The workshop enabled everyone, young and old, to move their body and dance free of judgement regardless of their skills. The workshop also gave a sense of connectedness both with oneself as well as with the other participants. It was very powerful, and by the end everyone was smiling. The one word feedback at the end had words such as ‘energised’, ‘connected’, ‘hungry’, ‘fulfilled’, and ‘grateful’; just to name a few.

Written by Madhu

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