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French Language Course


A Journey into the French Language

The courses were facilitated by Vijaya Wauquier and aimed to provide a complete introduction to the French language. We had offer two French intensive courses and both were for 10-days program.

The teaching style of the facilitator in the course focused on oral communication, starting with the French alphabet. Participants learned essential topics such as colour, numbers, family members, and simple communication skills. Additionally, special attention was given to training the mouth, tongue, and facial muscles to pronounce the consonants and vowels of French words. During the classes, participants actively engaged by repeating and taking notes.

The interactive nature of the sessions encouraged regular Q&A sessions, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

The French intensive course for beginners was a well-organised and highly appreciated workshop. Participants benefited from an immersive learning experience, gaining a strong foundation in the French language. The interactive teaching style, with regular practice and guidance, ensured that participants were equipped with the necessary tools to continue their language learning journey. Vijaya, extended an invitation to the participants, encouraging them to pursue advanced courses with her and offering separate classes for further learning.

To celebrate the progress made during the course, a memorable event was organised on both the final days.

Participants gathered for a unique blindfolded dinner with the facilitator, as the Facilitator is visually impaired, the blindfolded dinner was intended to understand her perspective in life. The evening was filled with delectable French cuisine, allowing everyone to experience the rich flavours of the culture. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to communicate in French with each other, putting their newfound language skills to use.

By completing the course, participants took their first steps towards mastering the French language and unlocking new opportunities for cultural exploration and communication.

Written by Gwjwn

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