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Sign Language


Communication is a powerful tool, and sign language offers a unique way to connect with others. In December 2022 we held a one week intensive sign language class, which took place at Le Morgan café, and was led by the passionate instructor Venkatesh. Although only two participants, Zara and Radhika, attended the full program, they fully embraced the opportunity to immerse themselves in sign language!

The class covered a wide range of subjects, including the alphabet, colours, emotions, numbers, family, landmarks, sports, hobbies, food, LGBTQ+ awareness, and more. Each day focused on a specific topic, steadily building participants' sign language skills.

Our two attendees were thrilled with their sign language learning journey and are eager to continue their progress in future classes. Their testimonials highlight the positive impact sign language can have on personal growth and connection.

Let us know if you would be interested in us hosting another sign language class and embark on a journey of communication, understanding, and empowerment.

Written by Madhu

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