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First Aid


Learning first aid is a crucial life skill that can help save lives in emergency situations.

Are you prepared to respond if such a situation was to happen before you ?

Between September and October 2022, we facilitated four first aid training courses with a team of trainers that included Phillipe, Aurore, and Tenzin. The courses were attended by a total of 22 people, including residents of Auroville and teachers from the Thamarai After School.

Overall, the courses were conducted successfully, providing essential information and skills to the participants. It also appeared to us that depending on cultural differences the approach to certain topics had to be adjusted, and we tried our best to take these differences into consideration. We believe that learning first aid is a vital skill that everyone should acquire!

Let us know if you’d be interested in joining us for a future first aid training class!

Written by Madhu

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