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Krav Maga


In continuation of our aim to empower people on the topic of sexual harassment and self defence, Youthlink held a series of workshops with Malaika, a professional Krav Maga teacher.

Krav Maga is an Israeli martial art. It is an effective, modern, and dynamic self-defence and fighting system which is derived from a combination of techniques used in aikido, judo, karate, boxing and wrestling. It is designed to be practical and intuitive for people of any age, shape, or size. The attendees got an introduction on how to defend themselves and their loved ones, while gaining increased awareness and instinctive reflexes.

The workshops were open to all gender and ages and were oriented on how to defend yourself and respond to a possible attack.

The classes began with a warm up followed by different ‘problems’ given to solve and learn how to extract yourself from tense and difficult situations.

For example: somebody grabs your arm, somebody chokes you etc.

Most people who had the chance to participate, expressed their enthusiasm and fun felt during the learning process, as well as a sense of empowerment.

Overall, the participants were enthusiastic, curious and happy to discover Krav Maga. They were engaged, asked questions and were looking to have more workshops with Malaika!

Let us know if you would be interested in us hosting more of these workshops by sending us an email to !

Written by Lucrezia

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