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The goal of the campaign was to highlight the importance of moving towards a more sustainable way of transport, with not just co2 consumptions but also noise pollution, air pollution, dusting.. and more. 

The campaign had 4 infographics in which we did our best to condense the knowledge we had gathered to display on the day. Our full team was at the campaign, interacting with the community and showing presence for an important topic.

Alongside the campaign we had a small survey asking people a few questions. 

It was broken down into 3 sections:

1st we asked people what there most used way of transport was

2nd if they would've liked to switch to an alternative, more sustainable way of transport 

3rd if they haven't, then why haven't they? What were the restrictions 

The results are below: 


Most used mode of transport:

Kinisi e-bike 













A total of 34 people answered our small scale survey


Would you like to switch to an alternative or more sustainable way of transport?

Yes: 6

No: 4


If not, what are the issues with switching?

  1. “Too long of a distance to travel from Kuilapalayam to Auroville daily.”

  2. “The shortcuts/cycle paths are not good enough.”

  3. “The e-cycles are not so green actually.”

  4. “Too expensive.”

  5. “Not enough space to carry things.”

Why cycle?

For the follow up, we are trying to organise a day where as much as we can we limit the usage of engine running vehicles. This could potentially lead to a designated day in the year where we all try to cycle together. Later calculate the amount of co2 saved and get feedback from the community about how it was to cycle.

We are also reaching out to schools to hold a presentation on said topic.

Read about our previous campaign!

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